Go there, Be there.

We hope our Field Rugs provide you with an opportunity to switch off the phone and appreciate your surroundings. We don't allow ourselves that pleasure often enough anymore.  Once there, pause, breathe, enjoy the moment.  Have a cuppa, take time to look at the view, don't just photograph it.  Our Field Rugs have a purpose. They carry the beauty of our outdoor wild places in their make up, deserve to be used, loved and cherished. Now choose one and go get in amongst it...

Choose the ‘Dart Roll’ for a larger family sized picnic rug, or our ‘Ramblers Rolls’ which are a portable picnic blanket for one. They cleverly roll up to fit in your bag or rucksack ready to use when out on adventures and provide that little bit of luxury wherever you choose to stop. Use them as portable seat mat when out on a walk, a picnic, when camping, wild swimming, a festival or just at home in the garden.

We can also hand stamp the leather with a personal message if you are buying for a gift.


The Dart Roll

Dart Roll - Harris Tweed Field Rug

The Dart Roll is our traditional sharing sized picnic blanket, designed to be used in all seasons. It has the hardiness to withstand our weather and keep us comfortable whenever we can get out on an adventure. It splits into two parts so you can use the tweed blanket independently and comes with an organic hemp canvas storage bag. More product details listed below.

We have now moved over to using our Harris Rush Tweed as seen on the Ramblers Roll in the last photo. Exactly the same design of blanket as shown here but with the the Harris Rush Fabric instead of the Harris Moss.

Free UK delivery.


Ramblers Rolls

Ramblers Roll - Dartmoor 'Fern'
from 73.00

This is our new Dartmoor Fern tweed, the colours reminiscent of the glorius ferns around the woodland valleys. A very limited edition tweed from Bovey Tracey on the outskirts of Dartmoor. 

Choose a 'Cosy' Roll for a Rambler with a wool felt liner for the thicker more cosy option or a 'Thin' without felt for the space saving option the thin comes with a bright ornage border. More product details listed below.


Ramblers 'Tregagle' Roll - Lou Tonkin edition

A Limited Run of 20 Ramblers Rolls produced exclusively with a special print edition by the fabulous artist that is Lou Tonkin.

I love this print and Lou’s work is a perfect match for one of our Ramblers Rolls. Combined with a waterprrof wax cotton base to keep you dry from any damp or wet ground.

A stunning Rambler with an organic wool felt liner for the thicker more cosy/comfy option. More details listed below.

 Free UK delivery over £30.

Ramblers Roll - Rainy Bum (No Tweed)

The 'Rainy Bum', as it's name suggests, is slightly better suited to the wetter days. Instead of a woven tweed top layer it is a simpler version with two contrasting colours of traditional wax cotton with a 100% wool felt liner.  More product details listed below.

Free UK Delivery.

Hemp Strap for Ramblers Roll

If you would prefer a Hemp strap in place of a leather one please add this to your basket or contact us direct and we will swap them over for no charge.

Free UK delivery over £30.

Gift Card
from 15.00

Leather Goods

Shoulder Stow - Italian Tan

These bags are hand made to Order.

The Shoulder Stow is a Shoulder Bag based on my original design, cut and hand stitched by us for us.

It’s make up uses some of the finest British and Italian leathers available.

It is designed to hold some of our essential day to day out and about items. Read more below.

Free UK delivery.

Shoulder Stow - Italian Red

The Shouder Stow is a Shoulder Bag with a difference.

It is designed to hold some of our essential day to day out and about items. This Blush version is slightly smaller than the Italian Tan. Read more details below.

 Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Devon Oak Bark - Classic Jeans Leather Belt

A Jeans belt hand made to order and made to last. Crafted from some of the finest materials produced on British shores..

This Devon Oak Bark Belt leather is timeless in its quality. We have tried to reflect that in it's design.

£75 for a Riveted Buckle end, just specify your size. We will let you know a delivery timescale after ordering. More info listed below.

Devon Oak Bark - The Thin Brown Belt

A 1 inch wide slightly thinner belt with a Brass buckle; which can add a touch of classic beauty to any outfit.

This Devon Oak Bark Belt leather is timeless in its quality and design. More details below.