Our Approach

Materials, Design and Ethos

If you've read our story of the polyester picnic blanket destined for landfill our Field Rugs are designed to be anything but. Our products won't last for ever, but our aim is that with due care they will last a long time. They are made from Natural Fibre materials and these will wear but they will wear and age like a favourite pair of jeans. Yes they can be re-proofed and yes they can be repaired, but ultimately they can be recycled or are compostable, no longer landfill fodder. That, above everything else, is one of our strongest held beliefs, and we hope you believe in that with us.

Our Field Rugs are made up of different layers and elements.  We have chosen them with careful thought and attention to detail. Their strength lies in their efficiency to the task in hand. They also hold a natural beauty which is reflected in the outdoor wild spaces we visit.

Our products are made in Britain and the leather work is hand finished by us in our work shed on the outskirts of Dartmoor. 


Use, Reproof, Repair, Recycle.

With due care and attention our Field Rugs will provide comfort to many happy outings, adding to family memories.  After years of good service, with regular water re-proofing of the wax cotton, and perhaps the odd repair, these natural fibre materials can then be returned to the earth from whence they came. 

In simpler words Use, Reproof, Repair, Recycle.



British Heritage Wax Cotton

The base layer for our Rolls is a water resistant heritage wax cotton that provides a barrier to wet grass, rain, and morning or evening dew.  Sewn with a cotton thread means that the cotton swells when in contact with water and seals the cloth, therefore making it more water resistant.


Oak Bark tanned Leather & British Brass Hardware

We use some of the best vegetable tanned leather in the country and from one of the oldest tanneries. Oak Bark vegetable tanned leather is beautiful. Yes it will mark and stain with age, but these are the marks of outdoor adventures.


Edging detail

Bound by cotton tape and sewn with a strong mercerised cotton thread (not polycotton or polyester thread). Many manufacturers still use a polycotton or polyester thread on their natural materials. We've chosen not to in order to make our field rugs easier to recycle and kinder to the environment. 


Scottish Isle of Harris and Dartmoor Tweed wool cloths

On top of the Ramblers and the Dart Roll we are using traditional 100% wool tweeds from the British Isles. Wool tweed provides the warmth and hardiness that our outdoor environment demands.  Naturally wear resistant and antibacterial, wool has the warmth in winter and the coolness in summer to suit our shores perfectly. Remove the Top of the Dart Roll to act as an independant blanket, perfect for when camping round the fire.