Who and Why


 It began with a gift...

A number of years ago my partner and I were given a picnic blanket, it wasn't what I would buy and so maybe I already had my doubts about it. It was one of those ubiquitous polyester foam backed fake tartan roll mats. Perhaps price reflects the quality as they were cheap, the Velcro lasted about 6 months and the blanket lasted about a year. It had no destination other than landfill. We were cross and we didn't want another one... we searched for something we liked and failed, so decided to make our own.  

Our idea was born out of a frustration in the inadequacy of an item given to us, of course we could have chosen not to buy it in the future.  However we still needed something to use and that something didn't exist in the way we thought it should, so that's why we decided to make our own. 

Two years down that path Moorswood Field Rugs are coming to life. We have chosen to call our products Field Rugs as we believe they are more than just picnic blankets. Yes they can be used for picnics but we wanted more out of them, something to turn to in all seasons and for all occasions.  Our family adventures should not be bound by the inadequacy of our kit. Our Field rugs were designed on the Moors and wooded valleys of lowland Dartmoor but they have a purpose to be used in many situations whilst out and about, or even just for a picnic in the garden.

Our products carry the beauty of our outdoor wild places in their make up and deserve to be used, loved and cherished.  Memories of your adventures, be it big hikes across the hills or small family park outings will be bound up in their use. 

“I have always enjoyed tinkering about making things; out of wood, leather and other various materials. Craft, creativity, exploring and outdoor picnics are a passion in our household. Our field rugs are born out of a combination of all of these passions and one final catalyst. I am a volunteer member of our local Search and Rescue Team on Dartmoor, a team affiliated and trained to the national standard of Mountain Rescue England and Wales. It was whilst out training one damp winters night, when the idea for our Ramblers Roll's came about. Some of our Team stopped for a well earned tea break and I watched as different people sat in different spaces and on different things. A map here, a rucksack there and even a bit of old sleeping mat. I realised then that we needed a solo adventure mat, small enough to roll up and carry with you. At least then you don't have to sit on your map, you need to look at that when you drink your tea!"