S O U T H E R N D O W N - A Beach Ramble by Caitlin Turner


The air had a particular chill to it, glistening frost clung to each blade of grass and the sky was a hazy shade of blue. The waves danced in the rolling ocean swell, the sun beaming down and illuminating the surface of the icy waters.

The deserted beach looking perfectly untouched in the early morning light. The rising sun peeping above the rugged cliff tops as it rose further and higher into the new day.


Perched a few feet away from the water, I un-rolled my trusted Ramblers Roll and poured myself a mug of hot, steaming coffee.

Having my Ramblers Roll with me enabled me to sit on the cold rocks and just take in the beauty that was around me. I sat there for a while; breathing in the fresh sea air and sipping on my coffee.

Being the perfect travel companion, my Ramblers Roll never leaves my rucksack. Small enough to fit in my bag or strapped to the handles, it really is a saviour-especially on cold rocks or wet sand!

Be it a beach trip, a sunrise mountain hike or a river dip; my Ramblers Roll is now just as important as my camera and flask of coffee are!


All the words and pictures are Caitlin’s own. She is a fabulous young photographer and you can view her work @caitlinfturner or here .. jwrnal.com/caitlinturner