Ramblers Roll - An Outdoor Photographers Perspective - Will Lamerton

I've always loved and appreciated the outdoors. Growing up next to the beautiful Cornish coast and then the edge of Dartmoor National Park, I've never been far from extraordinary views - I think this is what made it so easy to make landscape and outdoor photography such a passion. A passion I'm now lucky enough to call my full time job.


When I was approached by Moorswood for this project, I was all in. For someone that spent most of their average week outside, I was amazed to find myself thinking why I hadn't bothered investing in great gear that wasn't for my camera. After a few meetings and phone calls, Moorswood let me take a couple of their amazing Ramblers Rolls out to try and use on my photography trips with the idea of taking some photos of us using them and the only instruction, write an honest review - so here it is!


Being born in Cornwall, it's never quite left my heart; the beaches are stunning and the landscape is dramatic, all with plenty of beautiful views to sit and watch as well as photograph! I'd planned a full day trip here giving me plenty of time to photograph and see how the Ramblers Roll held up across a full day.  Fantastic is the answer!


The Day Trip

As someone that travels a lot, I've slowly learnt that it's necessary to pack light and small, Moorswood's Ramblers check this box brilliantly. It fits beautifully in the side of my rucksack! This image was taken right at the beginning of the day, heading out on a Spring day for photography at the coast.

One of the reasons I've never invested in a roll to take with me on my travels is down to how annoying to fold and store they generically are without even mentioning they're usually cheap and taccy! Moorswood's Ramblers Roll is completely different though, being made from high quality materials and designed so well it makes it so easy to fold and store. No fiddling around and no hassle. In fact, Charlie from Moorswood showed me just once, and I got it instantly.

Packing the roll away beside a beautiful coastal view.


Stopping for a rest is one of the best bits of a day when you're somewhere stunning. The Ramblers Roll with cosy wool felt made me want to sit and appreciate the view even more!


The Most Comfortable way to Stay Clean.

Until I had the opportunity to use the Moorswood gear, I'd never realised how much of a pain dirt, wet ground and sharp objects actually were till the day I forgot to put the roll in my bag! Cornwall is beautiful, but the wet sand beaches, sharp rocks on the cliff edges and mud all throw up inconvienient discomforts that can make the rest of the day less enjoyable, and this is translatable across anywhere you go outside. The Ramblers Roll is now a piece of kit that I love to use when I'm photographing landscapes.

Photographing the sunset, using the roll to protect my knees.

After a successful day shooting, the only thing left to do was clean and dry the roll, another easy thing to do. A quick brush down to get loose dirt off and then, using the securing strap, make a loop and hang to dry. It was as easy as that.


All in all, I absolutely loved the time I've had to use the Ramblers Roll, it's a fantastic piece of kit and one that continues to be used on every outing I go on! Moorswood have really made me appreciate the choice of quality gear that isn't just for my camera, and paying that little more is totally worth the long lasting, beautiful looking product you get in return.


Moorswood did not pay me for this review. The only paid element of this project was for the photography and permissions to use it themselves as well as the time it took to write the article, nothing on its contents. Everything written is my honest opinion, in fact I enjoyed using the Rambler so much that I asked if I could have one in part payment for my work.!

Copyright  - Will Lamerton 31st March 2018