Ramblers Roll - Harris Moss Clementine

Ramblers Roll - Harris Moss Clementine


Limited number Available.

As the name suggests, this is a stunning traditional heritage tweed from the Isle of Harris in Scotland.

This comes as our classic 'Cosy' Ramblers Roll. A Rambler with a wool felt liner for a thicker more cosy option. However this has some truly amazing bright and strong coloured water resistant wax cotton’s. The vibrant Orange sides is offset with a fantastic bright blue base. A new classic icon. Read more about this below.

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The Detail

There is no finer hand woven cloth and we believe we have chosen one of the Scottish Isle of Harris's best to use on our Rolls.

Our Ramblers Rolls are made from Natural fibre materials, with a water resistant wax cotton base and a handwoven wool tweed top. Choose a wool felt liner for the thicker more cosy option or a thin without felt for the space saving option.

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The Cosy when rolled is 20cm long x 9cm round and approx 240 grams in weight so just over the weight of a large banana.

They are rolled and held together with a vegetable tanned leather strap, held in place with brass hardware. The leather being tanned from natural materials will mark but will age with beauty.  Learn how to roll your Rambler

All of our materials are responsibily sourced and made in Britain. The Roll itself is all constructed and hand finished in Devon.

In warm weather there is a chance of the wax finish from the wax cotton of your Rambler transferring onto your clothes, please be aware of this when wearing light coloured clothing or choose our ‘Tregagle’ Ramblers Roll if overly concerned about this issue.