Garden Cushion

Garden Cushion

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As the name suggests, this is our version of a Garden cushion. It still uses all the amazing materials we currently work with just on a slightly smaller scale.

Made from Harris tweed, organic wool felt and with a water resistant hardy wax cotton base layer these natural fibre garden cushions are perfect to leave hanging by the back door ready for action. The one pictured here is our very smallest, we do have larger ones available read the info below.

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The Detail

This is not the same as our Ramblers Rolls but it is made from the same Natural fibre materials, with a water resistant wax cotton base and a handwoven Harris tweed wool top. Sandwiched in between is a slightly thicker organic wool felt than that used in our Ramblers Rolls.

The Garden cushion has a small leather loop handle from which to hang it up. You could still keep this in a bag and is easily portable just not quite as so as our Ramblers.

Small - Harris Moss Tweed - 18cm x 34cm £35

Medium - Harris Moss Tweed - 28cm square £48

Large - Harris Rush Tweed - 26cm x 38cm £58

All of our materials are responsibly sourced and made in Britain. The cushion itself is all constructed and hand finished in our work shed in Devon.