Dart Roll - Harris Tweed Field Rug

Dart Roll - Harris Tweed Field Rug


The Dart Roll is our traditional sharing sized picnic blanket, designed to be used in all seasons. It has the hardiness to withstand our weather and keep us comfortable whenever we can get out on an adventure. It splits into two parts so you can use the tweed blanket independently and comes with an organic hemp canvas storage bag. More product details listed below.

We have now moved over to using our Harris Rush Tweed as seen on the Ramblers Roll in the last photo. Exactly the same design of blanket as shown here but with the the Harris Rush Fabric instead of the Harris Moss.

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The Detail

Please note, We are currently out of stock for delivery of our Dart Rolls, however rest assured a new production run is in hand and you will be updated with an expected delivery date after purchase. This could be up to 2 months. Please undertsand we are a growing but small independent brand and all of our items are hand made here in the UK.

For the blanket element of our Dart Roll we have chosen to use a classic heritage handwoven wool tweed from the Scottish Island of Harris. It doesn't get any better than this and with our complimenting style of deep blue wax cotton water resistant base, gold cotton edges and contrast granite cotton thread we believe we have created a new classic. We have now moved over to using our Harris Rush Tweed as shown in one of the last photos. Exactly the same design of blanket as shown here but with a slightly different fabric.

Investing in a tweed blanket such as this needs some respect, we have designed the Field Rug so that you can remove the wool tweed.  This can be helpful for cleaning or more importantly to use as a stand alone blanket.  It is a beautiful item and needs to be used, loved and cherished wherever and whenever possible. Not just tucked away for the odd picnic.

Size when rolled is 55cm x 12cm round. Size unrolled is approx 1.05m x 1.40m. Comes with oak bark leather strapped canvas carry bag.

We can also personalise this item with a small hand stamped message, be it a date, name; or my favourite an Ordnance Survey Grid Reference of a favourite place. This message would be stamped onto the front badge of the canvas storage bag.

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Because we choose to use only the highest quality wax cotton. In warm weather there is a chance of the wax finish from the wax cotton base layer transferring onto your clothes, please be aware of this when wearing light coloured clothing in the summer or ensure your sit on the Harris tweed blanket if overly concerned about this issue. The chance of this happening is lessened with age and use.